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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Does the University of Minnesota take donated horses?

Q: Does the U of MN take donated horses for research or education?

A: The University of Minnesota Vet School will take donations (alive or deceased) if funds are available, or if the horse is needed/suited for a research project.

For example, mares are occasionally accepted for use in the reproductive herd. However, the UMN Vet School is often asked to take donated sick or deceased horses. The Vet School is more likely to take a sick horse if the owners are willing to pay the $250 it costs to euthanize and dispose of the body, otherwise the Vet School has limited dollars to spend on donations. Horses slated to be euthanized are routinely kept alive for approximately 24 hours after a donation (if possible), and euthanized horses are often used for teaching purposes and are always treated with respect.

Please keep in mind that only a limited number of deceased horses are needed for teaching purposes and unfortunately, the U of M Vet School can not accommodate all owners wishing to donate their unwanted, sick, or deceased horse. Owners wishing to donate a horse can call 612-625-6700 for more information.

By Erin Malone, DVM, University of Minnesota

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